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What Happened To The 2 Broke Girls Cast After The Show Ended

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It's been a little while since 2 Broke Girls was abruptly canceled, and we still haven't recovered from the loss of this beloved sitcom. Fortunately, its cast members have gone on to star in other projects, so fans can at least catch glimpses of them. Here's what they're up to.

Kat Dennings played Max, one of the two broke girls, and she's just as beautiful today as she was when the show started. In real life, she's anything but broke thanks to her long and successful career. She's had no shortage of roles since the show wrapped, signing on for series like Hulu's Dollface and the MCU's WandaVision. She's also branched out into voiceover work on the likes of The Simpsons and Big Mouth.

Dennings is aware that her career has been marked by playing "emo" girls, such as Max and Dollface's Jules, a character going through a breakup. But she's perfectly fine with playing the "sad girl." She told InStyle in 2019,

"Don’t we all relate to the sad emo character?! I am attracted to roles I feel like I can bring a real aspect to, you know, like I can actually draw from something. I’ve had a storied love life and a somewhat interesting upbringing, so I feel like I relate to those characters." Keep watching to learn What Happened To The 2 Broke Girls Cast After The Show Ended!

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Kat Dennings | 0:19
Beth Behrs | 1:11
Garrett Morris | 2:00
Jonathan Kite | 2:56
Matthew Moy | 3:55
Jennifer Coolidge | 4:52
Ed Quinn | 5:49
Ryan Hansen | 6:33
Patrick Cox | 7:30
Christopher Gorham | 8:27
Eric Andre | 9:24

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