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Tank cartoon full episodes. World of tanks animation. Monster Trucks Cartoon. Monster Cars kids.

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0:20 In this battle in the world of tanks, monster tank chameleon proved invulnerable and chased a green tank to take revenge in this war between tanks for kids online. Tank cartoon full episodes.
0:27 Further, in a cartoon about tanks for kids online, a green tank remembered how at a school of tanks in a combat tactics lesson he looked out the window and imagined that he was the coolest tank in the world of tanks, even without winning battles and battles. World of tanks animation.
0:53 The animation about battles and tanks for children continues with the fact that the green tank in geography lessons also did not listen to the tank teacher, but flew in the clouds.
1:01 Instead of learning about war, battles and battles with other tanks in the world of tanks for children, in the shooting lessons the green tank was completely asleep.
1:10 Cartoon about tanks for children online teaches that you should not sleep in school in the classroom. You need to gain knowledge that will be useful in the war of tanks and battles.
1:20 Further in the animation about tanks for children, the green tank remembered how, in practice, about shooting, it never hit the target. He was very ill prepared for the tank war and did not know how to win the war in the tank world.
1:33 At the end of the cartoon about tanks, battles and battles in the world of tanks for children online, while the green tank was remembering school years, the monster tank chameleon almost caught up with its rival in this war of tanks.
1:37 Whether the lazy green tank can survive in this battle in the world of tanks with the most powerful tank, you will find out in the next series about the tank war for kids online.

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