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Sonic The Hedgehog Live Stream Failure

15 Просмотры
This was played on Sonic Mega Collection

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Stream Rules

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1. Warning
2. Timeout
3. Ban

1. No Spamming for example Emotes, Emojj's and Sentences etc

2. Don't be rude to the Moderators and the Youtuber Leader which is me

3. Do not ask to be a Moderator I Will Decide if I need an extra one Depends how big the Channel Grows

4. Don`t Self Promote

5. Don't complain on what games Im doing

6. Absolutely No Drama here I do not tolerate that.

7. No inappropriate talk in the chat you should know that

8. if you want my discord server its only if you ask or at the end of the stream

9. No Politics

10. You can Joke around in here but don't take it out of Context

11. You can Swear but do not do it constantly because its a bad habit.

12. Have a great time relax be Family Friendly and Play Awesome Games like Nintendo Etc.

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