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Sonic Stop Motion Adventures: Episode 20: Tables Turned

18 Просмотры
With knowledge of Sonic possessing all seven Chaos Emeralds, Robotnik tries his luck at taking Sonic down yet again. But this time, in a slightly different sort of way. His "brilliant plan" backfires however, turning some of Sonic's friends against Sonic himself! How will Sonic triumph this time, and just who is he fighting, anyway?! Find out on the exciting start of Season 3 of Sonic Stop Motion Adventures!


Damn, it's finally here! I want to thank all of you for being so patient during the longest hiatus between episodes I've ever had. And thanks for getting me to 30,000 subscribers right before this went up! You guys are seriously the best, it's what makes me doing all this possible. Also, I'm glad a new season started so I was able to make a new opening! I was getting so sick of the old one, haha, hopefully you all like it too. Anyway, I am so excited to hear the feedback on this episode!

Special thanks to LifelineTheHedgehog for writing help, support, and voicing Silver and Dash.
Special thanks to Mewsel for voicing Tails, Amy, and Blaze.
Special thanks to Gilnov for voicing Vector.

"Live and Learn" cover from jparecki95's Sonic Adventure 2 medley:

"Clanker's Cavern" Guitar cover by OttotheOtter97:

"Blackened" instrumental cover by Gamephene:

"Perfect Insanity" instrumental cover by GavinStudios:

My good buddy AJ and I did another dual release! That's right! Check out "Speed Stories: The End of An Era Part I"!

Sonic The Hedgehog and all related characters all owned by Sega.
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