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Someone Gets Hurt (from Mean Girls) 【covered by Anna ft. friends】

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Hello everyone! This week I sang Someone Gets Hurt from Mean Girls (the musical).

There’s something so fun about playing such a manipulative person. Mean Girls really is a fantastic musical, its such a pleasure to sing songs from it!

But this song is brutal. It’s high and low and all over the place. I actually recorded it twice because of how amazing Ryan made this instrumental. It completely blew my first take out of the water and there’s nothing quite like a 1am recording session amirite fellas? There’s also a huge ensemble part AND a duet which means I get to mix 8+ people instead of just lil old me. Thankfully, 8 or more of my friends (I have not counted), pulled together, and helped me out to make the ultimate simp army on this cover. Thank you to everyone involved and thank you for your time! You can find all those lovely folks listed in the credits.

You can also save the cover here! --

Anywho, back to watching Outlander and playing BOTW.

I hope you’ve all been keeping cozy and warm (and STAYING INSIDE). I hope you can settle down and unwind with this cover! As always, thank you all for your continued love and support! I’m so grateful for every one of you. Hope you have a fantastic week and I’ll see you Saturday.

Someone Gets Hurt - Mean Girls (the musical)
Yuni (thank you so much!)
[ +]
Ryan Lafford
[ + ]
➤ Vocals
Regina - Anna (that’s me!)
Aaron - ClarkOnStage [ +]
✨Ensemble (thank you all for your help!)
Chloe -
Makena -
Miles -
Derrek -
PastaVA -
Joshua Waters -
IdrysLTS -

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☆☆☆ A massive thanks to A Certain Random Guy, Anthony Lobko, Autumn Langemeier, bibglo, Brent Badger, Christen Wentz, Corey Martin, Felix Rantasa, Goldenalaska, Haley Hill, Hopeful Zero, Holden Meadows, James, Jazmyne Quiñones, Jonathan Fischer, Josiah, Jozzy, JwockMallock, Lauren Mcphie, Lia, Lisa Katharina Wilschewski, LUKE&LEIA, Meeky, Nukeman, Peter Hollens, Sam Sussman, Ryder Jae, Terra Groenewold, and Theepieman!
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