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Roblox PIGGY In Real Life! The Full Movie

2 Просмотры
Join the NOOB Family in an epic Roblox PIGGY In Real Life adventure! This full length film includes all well known characters from the popular Roblox game PIGGY. It all starts just like any other family vlog, until someone, or some thing knocks out the NOOB Family crew! Watch as they wake up only to find themselves trapped in PIGGY's house. They must play the game chapter by chapter and escape each time so they are awarded the level badge. If the NOOB Family can escape the villains such as Zompiggy, Clowny, Elly, Robby, Mousey, Torcher, Memory, Badgy, and the infamous Mr. P, they have a chance of finding the True Ending. That is, only if they play Chapter 9 City and Chapter 12 Plant twice! Can this family of NOOBS survive? They will have a few helpers along the way such as Pony and Zizzy. Will everyone make it to the end ok? Or will someone along the way? Watch for clues in the full PIGGY Movie.

Chapter 1: House 00:00
Chapter 2: Station 13:25
Chapter 3: Gallery 27:30
Chapter 4: Forest 41:25
Chapter 5: School 58:57
Chapter 6: Hospital 1:11:37
Chapter 7: Metro 1:26:52
Chapter 8: Carnival 1:38:24
Chapter 9: City 1:52:17
Chapter 10: Mall 2:10:32
Chapter 11: Outpost 2:27:44
Chapter: Distorted Memory 2:42:57
Chapter 12: Plant 2:55:24
Chapter 12: True Ending + Credits 3:12:20


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Piggy in Real Life playlist

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