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Rigging a Cartoon Character in Cinema 4D

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In this tutorial, I'm going to introduce you to the world of rigging in Cinema 4D by showing you a workflow I use to easily create a simple cartoonish Rubber Hose style arm & leg IK rig. Normal IK rigs bend sharp at the elbow and knees of characters but it's hard to get a smooth bendy limbs like a cartoon character. First, I'll start out by introducing you the two types of rigs, FK (Forward Kinematics) and IK (Inverse Kinematics). Then I'll demonstrate how I set up my simple IK rig using Point IK to rig my hamburger characters arms & legs and connecting them to the body. Finally, I'll wrap up the tutorial by showing you how to use Pose Morph to animate your character. If you're not familiar with Pose Morph, be sure to check out my tutorial (http://www.eyedesyn.com/tutorials/animating-baymax-using-the-cinema-4d-pose-morph-tag/) on how I used it to animate Baymax from Big Hero 6! Want to see more character animation tutorials or more rigging? Let me know by posting in the comments!

Watch the tutorial here:

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