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Nothing Left To Lose (Frozen Version)

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Written and sung by me, Nim.

⬅️ Original Song: Nothing Left To Lose (Cassandra and Varian, Tangled the Series)
➡️ Rewrite: Frozen (Elsa and Anna)

Suggested by several of you! Thank you for being a subscriber ❤️

So I absolutely ADORE the reprise of For the First Time in Forever. It's one of the moments I remember most from when I saw Frozen in theaters for the first time (I could barely handle it, it was just so good), and is one of my favorite scenes in the movie. I just thought I would give this rewrite a shot because I love those Cassandra/Elsa parallels ahhhhh and the struggles in these two scenes (Frozen and TTS are so similar_

In this version, Elsa and Anna have already had an exchange about the eternal winter before the song begins. Just didn't write one since it would be a little superfluous.

Also, a note about the "like Father said" line: while the only interactions between Anna and Elsa shown in the film are those during DYWTBAS, I figured since it's widely acknowledged by the fandom that Anna and Elsa must have at least seen each other/been around each other (without really interacting) on certain occasions as they grew up, I sort of came up with this tiny headcanon that "keep your cool" was a kind of motto (like "conceal, don't feel") that could have been said within earshot of Anna that didn't give away any secrets.


Just a reminder, I only wrote this as a different take on this scene. I love the film as it is. It's just for fun. :)


DISCLAIMER: I do NOT claim to own any rights to the instrumental track or to the film or series. I do not claim to be either original singer of the original song. I am not affiliated with Disney in any way. The lyrics were rewritten as a parody. This was made for recreational purposes only.
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