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Mobile Suit Girls Shots: Raid in the Pocket

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A Silly Parody take on the opening raid of the OVA Gundam0080 War in the Pocket. The Hygogg girls attempt to steal a top secret Grill at a holiday Will they succeed in their mission?

This 3 month long fever dream animation was more or less one of my animation bucket list I want to strike off. Base on an idea I thought up back when I was like 18 or 19 to do a parody animation on the opening siege of war in the pocket but I didn't have the skill or animation talent yet to undertake such a project. 13years later, I finally attempted it with my current animation skills.

doing this animation was an eye-opener as it forced me to figure out location and backdrop settings and consistency. I animated "Everything" except for some key special effects helped out by my assistant animator Nyangtofu. Background is still something I'm not the best at and it really drove me into a road block now and then trying to figure out my location settings, but in the end I did what I can.

In the end, Hope this animation dedicated to the Gundam fandom would enjoy it.

Directed and animated by

Assistant Animation by

All voice acting by

Audio editing/mixing by

Music from Epidemic Sound

Check out my Patreon, Facebook or twitter for updates and progress of this animation.
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