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Kinder Scout - Peak District Walks

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http://www.peakdistrictonline.co.uk presents Kinder Scout - There are many old paths, packhorse routes and even a Roman Road leading through the Vale of Edale. One of the most popular paths onto Kinder Scout from Edale ascends Jacob's Ladder. This was evidently named after Jacob Marshall who in the 18th century lived at Edale Head House, although at that time it was known as Youngit House. Jacob was a bragger which was a name given to a pedlar. He took wool to Stockport and traded it for other goods. Because the climb up to Edale Cross was long and stony he cut steps in the hillside and took a shortened route whilst his packhorse ponies followed the longer and winding lane.
The River Noe which runs through the Vale of Edale started life as rain falling on Kinder Scout which accumulated in the deep groughs and trickled off the high moors to unite with Crowden Brook before flowing down to merge with the River Derwent at Shatton.

Edale Mountain Rescue was established following incidents in the 1920's resulting in a Mountain Rescue Committee being formed which then became the Mountain Rescue Council. In September 1955 a Rescue Post was established at the Nags Head that became the first Edale Mountain Rescue base, its first exercise taking place on February 20th 1956.
Edale Mountain Rescue operations are required throughout the year in all weather conditions, day and night. On Christmas Day 2008 voluntary rescuers from both the Buxton and Edale Mountain Rescue teams were called to help with the evacuation from the hillside near Mam Farm of a male with a suspected fractured ankle.

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