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I played with the most famous cars in Rocket League

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I went back in time to replicate and recreate the most iconic and famous cars known to the Rocket League community. We have the likes of kuxir, kronovi, jzr and sadjunior!

Today, I'm taking a look at the most memorable, recognizable and iconic cars in Rocket League and try them for myself in a 2v2 environment. These date back all the way to the first season of competitive Rocket League, where the shape or form of the car was hardly ever talked about - the kuxir Dominus is still one of the most recreated cars in the Rocket League community! Some of these cars handle well and some don't but they all have their own uniqueness and strength to show for. Which out of these is your favourite, have I made good choices? Let's see if these cars really have strength and agility to keep up in a high paced playlist. Will I be able to win any games like this, and perhaps even start a win streak? Will I flop and fail, or score ceiling shot after ceiling shot and all the 180 and 360 flicks in the world? The first car we're trying is the car that Jessie recommended me and many of you seem to enjoy it as well. From there, we move on to the Dominus and the Nissan Skyline. Imagine if in RLCS, teams could pick the other teams cars, that would be both hilarious and fun. Just think about it, Pro Players like Squishy, Lethamyr, JZR, Scrubkilla etc. using the scarab or gizmo in RLCS. What do you think?

Next video will again focus dribbles, fakes and more as well as the beloved fails and funny moments. I tried to shift my focus on ball resets, no flips, triple plays and more of freestyling in general, so if I can, I will be releasing a Funny Moments video next.

#MERTZY #RocketLeague


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