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I Played ADOPT ME Until I *MOVED AWAY*...is this goodbye? (roblox)

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After I played ADOPT ME until I went on my DREAM DATE with my CRUSH and it went HORRIBLY found out that my BF, Jeffo Roblox may have been POISONED. I have to rush over to his place to check on him! Ourfire did all they could to warn us and try and stop the TT SCAMMERS and TT ANONYMOUS, but JEFF still got this the end for us? for soup? who sent the poisoned cake?! will we ever find out? will i make it to jeff in time? if i get there, what will he need me to do? be his assistant for 24 hours CHALLENGE? True Love's KISS? CPR? I'm willing to do anything for JEFFO! charms, was this all just a BAD SIGN. Was this the universe telling us we shouldn't be together? I need some time to is goodbye. for now at least. I have to move away and think things through. will jeff's heart forever be broken? am I heartbroken? what should i do next?

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