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I Have a Crush On My Step-Brother | Share My Story Animated

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I have a problem… and it’s mildly concerning… scratch that, it’s very concerning. SOme backstory, when I was a senior in high school, I dated this one boy, Brendan. We went on for about six months before I broke off. It wasn’t because of anything bad, but it simply because I lost feelings for him. I definitely don’t regret telling him how I feel, but I know for a fact that it hurt him. I was his first girlfriend, and that probably didn’t feel good. He and I lost all contact after that, but anyways. My dad is divorced, and has been ever since I was born. My mother was given the choice to give me to him, or keep me. She chose her career path and my dad was super stoked to have a kid. Of course, he had to tell me all of this, because how else was I supposed to know? Whenever I tell people that my mother chose to give up her motherhood for her job, they always ask me if I’m mad at her for choosing herself over me. Honestly, I don’t care whether she did or didn’t. I love my dad, and as much as being unwanted sucks, my mother did what she had to do to make a living. Besides, my dad has given me a life that I’m eternally grateful for.

Well, recently my dad has been tossing around the idea of going back into the dating world. After raising me for twenty years of his life, he believes that not only is he ready, but that I’m ready to have a mother-ish figure in my life. He asked me because it was only us for the longest time. Vacation, father-daughter days, bad days, great days, it was always him and I, no one else. Now that I’m older and am sort of independent, who am I to stop him from dating someone he likes? Well… he met a woman on a dating site. Her name was Raelyn and from her profile, she seemed nice. She mentioned that she had a kid in college and that they were out-of-state for the next couple of months. She and he began talking with each other. Starting simple with texts, then moving onto calls, then facetiming, and all of that. I personally stayed away from that, because I wanted to give him the opportunity to be himself as a person, not a father. I noticed a difference with him as the weeks went by. He was sprier, and seemed genuinely happier. I would ask him how she and him were doing well. He said that he wanted to meet her soon and she said that too, apparently.

I’m a slightly territorial person, especially with my house, so even though I remained mostly uninvolved with his dating life, we can’t completely rule out the possibility that she’s a murderer. So I told him to meet her at an agreed-upon public spot and he was like, ‘yeah, sure’. So skip past a couple of weeks, and he left the house to go meet her. I was happy that he might’ve found someone else to make him happy. He was gone for a few hours, which was cool. Later in the afternoon, he texted me and asked if it was okay if she could meet me. I didn’t have anything to do, so I replied with, ‘sure’. Twenty minutes later, he returned home with Raelyn in the passenger seat. I wasn’t jumping out of my skin in excitement, but I wasn’t completely unenthusiastic, either.When she stepped out of the car, she wasn’t ugly. Dark hair, brown eyes, tallish. She wasn’t bad looking, but that wasn’t my first impression of her. When he came into the house with her, I was already waiting at the door. He introduced me to her, and her to me. Everything seemed to of been going well, until she actually looked at me.

Her face went from bright and passive to scowling and aggressive. She was pretty cold towards me and brushed me off. My dad was confused as to why she seemed to hostile towards me, but she just said she didn’t want to talk about it. While this did affect how I saw her, my dad didn’t say he hated her, so. The rest of the day Raelyn spent with my dad, but ignored me the entire time, only sending me dirty looks like and consistent passive-aggressive comments about me. I didn’t say anything. Not yet. I figured maybe she just didn’t like that my dad had a kid, even though I’m twenty years old and that my dad had in his bio that he had me. My dad did ask about her kid, but she just said that he, keyword: he, was going to come home for a few weeks for winter break. That was only a week after that moment. Jump to the next week. My dad and Raelyn were still talking, and he did talk to me about her unfriendliness towards me. I told him not to worry about it, and that I would be able to handle it if push came to shove.

Since my dad introduced me to her, she felt it would only be respectful that she introduced her son to him as well. Well, she did. And she brought him to our house. Her son was on winter break and he came back from college for it.
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