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I Got Back At Girls Who Tortured Me In High School 10 Years Later

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Hey guys. My name is Bruce, I'm 25 years old. Recently, I almost went to jail due to false charges. Worst of all, it was the result of my plan to take revenge on my two school bullies. I just wanted to restore justice, but instead, I became a whipping boy again.

It all started with a message in a group chat. It's been exactly 7 years since our graduation from school, and friends were going to arrange a reunion. At that moment, my hands started shaking and I started sweating profusely. I literally had a panic attack when I remembered my classmates. The thing is, I wasn't a popular guy at school. I was the exact opposite. I was the one who was usually pointed at and laughed at. Uh, I had a lot of psychological problems after school that I had to work on a lot with my therapist. I was very insecure, I had low self-esteem, and I had impostor syndrome. This means that I believed that I was undeserving of everything I achieved, and that it just happened by chance or luck. I can't say that I was successful, but I work in the IT sphere, and already at 25 I had my own house and a cool car. But I still couldn't forget the horrors of school life.

I immediately turned to my therapist for help, and we quickly found out what the problem was. Sarah and Jasmine. Oh, I hated them with all my heart. They were the ones that bothered me the most at school. They were "cool" girls, and all the bad things they did to me only added to their respect. One day they took my collection of toy dinosaurs from me and returned them completely ruined. They tore their heads off and taped them to different bodies with duct tape. Very funny. The worst part was that I liked one of them a lot. Jasmine. I think she felt that I was in love with her, and that's why she was so cruel to me. So now you can understand why I didn't want to go to the reunion. Yeah, I had changed a lot, but the wounds were still deep inside.

But my therapist was of a different opinion. They thought I should go to the party and talk to my abusers. And not just talk. I needed to forgive them. This would put me out of my misery. So I gathered all my strength and arrived at the appointed place. But what happened at this party just turned my world around.

I was very surprised that all the guys were happy to see me. Everyone was interested in what I was doing and even complimented me. Everyone said I was a mature and cute guy. Yeah, if they only knew how many times I had to go to the dentist and cosmetologist to clean myself up and get rid of complexes about my appearance. It was nice, but I didn`t really want to talk to them because I was looking for Sarah and Jasmine. Soon I saw Sarah alone at the table. I said hello to her, and I wanted to ask where her friend was, but it looked like Sarah had already had a few drinks because she immediately started complaining to me about her life. She was already divorced, and she felt unhappy. But suddenly her mood changed and she started flirting with me. At that moment, I realized that I could take advantage of this and get back at her. All I had to do was listen to her and nod in time. And half an hour later, we were kissing. I knew what it was all about, so I offered her a ride to her house. I'll skip the details, but I spent the night with her. In the morning, I watched her sleep, and I felt so good about taking advantage of a girl who had hurt me at school. And then I came up with a whole plan to embarrass them both. All I had to do was take a selfie with her in bed, and then quickly go home to pack my stuff.

The thing is, Sarah told me that Jasmine didn't show up for the reunion because she was leaving for a trip to Paris this morning. My overnight success with Sarah made me realize that I had a chance to do the same with Jasmine. Oh, the feeling of revenge was much more pleasant than forgiveness. So I raced down the road as fast as I could to arrive at the airport on time. I checked everything, there was only one flight to Paris this morning, and thank God there were available seats on it.

I was on time, and all I had to do was to "accidentally" bump into her in the boarding queue. And so I did. Jasmine was very surprised to see me. Then we had a little chat, and I found out that she was traveling alone, because she had recently broken up with her boyfriend, and wanted to have a good time. Perfect. I suggested that we should stick together in Paris and figure out what to do. She agreed. Great! The first part of the plan was complete. However, the second half was much more difficult. The thing is, I needed to seduce her.

And in this situation, the city itself helped me do




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