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''I Explored an Abandoned Cave in Maine: I’ll Never go Back'' | CREEPYPASTA

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''I looked ahead, taking my eyes off my footing for a moment to see a small cave in the ''

Today’s opening tale of terror is ‘Cave’, by Skeletal Meulin; a story originally shared on the Creepypasta Wiki, and recorded here under the conditions of the CC-BY-SA license:


Tonight’s second piece of brilliant storytelling is ‘First the Door, then the Light’, an original story Mr. Charms 505, kindly shared with me for the express purpose of having me narrate it here for you all:

Background music by me (freely available for use by other Creepypasta / No Sleep narrators):

Other music used is credited to the wonderful The Dark Somnium (intro) and the fantastic Tanner Stokes (end credits). The music is used here with their express permission.

Video footage was made by me with whatever Go Pro Camera it is that I I hope you found it to be a relaxing backdrop for today’s story!

Thumbnail image created using Adobe Spark, under the conditions of the Creative Commons CC0 license:


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