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George Hotz | Programming | scheming in haskell sunday (noob lessons!) | Science & Technology

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Date of stream 2 Aug 2020.
Live-stream chat added as Subtitles/CC - English (Twitch Chat).
Stream title: scheming in haskell sunday (noob lessons!)

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George Hotz Gear:
- Happy Hacking Keyboard
- Blue Yeti Microphone
- MacBook Pro 16-inch
- tmux & Vim and other

Thanks to @Kevin McCallister for the chapters contribution. We appreciate you!

0:00 intro
1:16 geo listens to stars - your ex lover is dead (mute)
5:30 un-mute
6:05 geo explains what he's going to be doing
6:23 geo talks about last stream
7:30 who does geo respect
10:02 goes through non contrutive proof
13:16 hater in the twitch chat about george fooling us
15:00 geo finds a bug in his budy beaver code
18:21 explains about schems
18:30 geo talks about why his vim setup doesn't matter
19:50 geo talks about the best way to teach/ learn things
23:21 geo starts working
29:59 geo finds write yourslef a scheme in 48 hours wiki book
31:41 what is monad?
35:22 timeout more people - we need standards on the internet
41:15 parsec haskell
42:54 is learning haskell useful?
45:26 insight into how to make sure you are learning
50:33 let's do a float
1:05:19 what geo is going to do about dumbness in twitch chat
1:08:03 single-qute syntactic sugar of scheme
1:08:20 structure and interpretation of computer programming book
1:10:53 on pervious stream geo on web devlopers
1:12:35 ohh no my float's broken
1:13:00 geo fixes the float - we just gotta try
1:15:17 which exercise do we want to do?
1:15:51 what are vectors
1:16:00 this is all too much not doing any of these
1:17:26 geo's story about motivation
1:18:30 evaluator
1:25:26 things are getting exicting watch this bois (impleating the plus)
1:33:00 testing if plus works
1:35:22 keyboard question after long time
1:36:47 learning about symbol handling function
1:40:26 gifting subs
1:41:08 learning about PVM
1:43:35 looking at the diffrent PVM
1:49:16 can you make GPT-3 for videos?
1:54:00 GPT-3 and turing test
2:14:37 adding variables and assignment
2:15:10 disabling channel points twitch
2:20:01 the problem with internet communities
2:28:18 what is a good question and a bad question
2:38:32 vitalik homomorphic encryption - talks about few other stuff after this
2:44:36 george gives us Home work for next stream + test

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