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Dual language immersion and global education programs soar at Unionville Elementary

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Unionville Elementary in Union County, offers both dual language and global leaders programs to its students.

Sharyn VonCannon: The teachers are amazing. They go up to the car outer line and they're greeting the kids in Spanish. At lunchtime, whether they're in the bilingual program or not, everybody's picking up on bits of Spanish and questioning other cultures and wanting to learn more just on their influence at our school.

Vicky Iglesias: [Speaking Spanish with students.] What I notice is how the children became much more engaged. They became as well more empathetic around the situations of different people and the more that you a staff with say global, and the children became much more aware. And they want to know and they will go home and they will come and talk and the amount of emails that sometimes you get back saying ‘Oh Miss Iglesias, you've been talking about Malawi! They love that!’ So, for the parents it’s very rewarding when when you touch a little bit of something from different cultures and the children became much more inquisitive they really wanted to know and find out.
Sharyn VonCannon: The teachers are commenting on the rigor in the classroom, the level of respect, kids articulation. They can really tell that they're at that advantage with their vocabulary development and fluency.

Vicky Iglesias: I notice how their thinking, it becomes fast as well because they have to think in a different language, and sometimes you don't know the word and sometimes I say well, if you don't know that word you’re going to need to find out another word that you can use in that sentence. [Speaking Spanish with students.] If you come to my classes there’s visuals everywhere, because they need it. They need that reference to be able to develop their writing for example, to be able to develop their talking, but it helps them with the problem-solving in the sense they have to think if they don't know the word, ‘oh which word it was, oh let’s go and see. I need to go to the wall and look.’ So they became better thinkers, they became, I think better writers, no doubt, because for us, teaching in Spanish, their writing is very important and they’re better at problem solving.

Sharyn VonCannon: The students of the bilingual program absolutely love every minute of it. They have grown in their self-confidence, they're so excited, they can do things that others can't do. In some instances we've used them to help translate to our non-English speaking parents that come into the office. They're just really proud of everything that they've accomplished. They're risk takers; I just can't say enough about the students and how excited they are to show off all that they've learned.

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