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"Double Trouble", Episode 1 | Elvis: Behind the Image

47 Просмотры
Written, Directed and Narrated by: Bud Glass

Special Guest Interview: Sandi Miller

Photographs provided by: Sandi Miller, Bob Klein – and Russ Howe

Video Production: Jack Mullins

Interview Videographer: Rick Crofts

Background Music by: Ralph Foster –

“Double Trouble” Music provided by: Gordon Rebel

“ELVIS Behind The Image” Theme Song: Words & Music: Bud Glass / Performed by Donnie Sumner

Web design –

Elvis: Behind The Image THE SERIES is brought to you by Elvis Relics –

In association with The King’s Ransom Museum: Personal Treasures of Elvis Presley –

Love Me Tender Movie trailer - 20th Century Fox

Double Trouble movie trailer- Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer



Now that you have feasted on the main course, how about some dessert?

The goal of Elvis: Behind the Image THE SERIES, is to share bite-sized vignettes of unique, little-known, Elvis adventures that focus on true life accounts in the life and career of the man BEHIND the legend.

This video series is - by design - comprehensive yet more concise than typical documentary productions; It is adapted in this venue for today’s fast-paced, time-restricted world, but also geared towards Elvis fans who share our passion for the factual history of intriguing events that have yet to be fully explored in fine detail.

For this reason, many fascinating components of certain episodes lead down a separate rabbit hole that cannot be fully explored without breaking the stride of the intended focus of the episode.

Sometimes those rabbit holes lead to fascinating stories in and of themselves, and may warrant a separate future episode… but many are merely fun, short tidbits that inquiring minds like ours want to know. They are all short, supporting sidebar material - intended as a bonus addendum to the full story showcased on the official ELVIS: BEHIND THE IMAGE YouTube channel and provided for the more serious or curious fan - for your viewing pleasure. Consider them FREE, Elvis flavored after-dinner mints ...with our compliments!

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