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DETAILS: Best Place to Stay at Sathkol(Mukteswar, Uttarakhand) | Frozen Woods Resorts & Village Tour

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SUBSCRIBE NOW - (Free). Mukteswar is a very popular hill station in Uttarakhand but has become crowded. We stayed at untouched places and Mukteshwar temple is nearby from Sathkhol Village.
Frozen Woods Resorts is a good place to stay and the property itself very attractive and well maintained.

We explored the Sathkhol Village a bit and went to a temple on the top of a hill, it is a scenic evening walk. If you are a sunset lover then it's a must for you.

Though you can visit here at any season if you are looking for mesmerising Himalayas views and enjoy snowfall then the best time to visit is November to December.

In this video:
Intro - 00:00
Video Ajenda - 00:47
How to reach Sathkol Village Mukteswar - 01:34
Frozen Woods Resorts Tour - 02:08
Lunch - 04:44
Enjoyed doing work at Caffe - 05:42
Exploring Sathkhol Village - 05:57
Shiva Temple at the top of the Hill - 08:23

Uttarakhand Offbeat Destinations Series(Pangot, Mukteshwar Trip):

Offbeat Almora, Uttarakhand Series:

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DETAILS about Best Place to Stay at Sathkol(Mukteswar, Uttarakhand) | Frozen Woods Resorts & Village Tour
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