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body image? learning balanchine? stage mishaps? flexibility tips? | dancer answers YOUR questions!

3 Просмотры
0:00 - 0:23 intro
0:23 - 0:56 how old were you when you started ballet?
0:56 - 1:38 what is your dream company?
1:38 - 2:14 what is the difference between a company trainee and a corps member?
2:14 - 3:51 is balanchine super different from vaganova?
3:51 - 4:54 what is your proudest moment in your lifetime of dancing?
4:54 - 8:05 what is your favorite performance memory/mishaps?
8:05 - 8:57 who are your biggest inspirations in the ballet world?
8:57 - 9:53 advice for dancers in quarantine?
9:53 - 11:41 have you ever dealt with insecurities about your body image? advice to overcome them?
11:41 - 13:04 funniest dance memory?
13:04 - 14:21 tips for someone who is afraid to start a youtube channel?
14:21 - 17:13 tips for flexibility? advice on gaining flexibility fast after quarantine?
17:13 - 17:42 what's your favorite ballet?
17:42 - 18:52 how many hours do you dance? what classes do you take at balletmet?
18:52 - 20:24 tips of dealing with periods when dancing?
20:24 - 21:23 what is your backup plan if ballet doesn't work out?
21:23 - 22:07 tips for company auditions?
22:07 - 23:21 does your family support your passion in ballet?
23:21 - 24:40 how do you stay motivated to dance even when you're hurting or having a bad day?
24:40 - 25:53 what advice would you give to your younger self/an aspiring ballerina?
25:53 - 26:27 outro

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