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Bendy vs Cartoon Cat (Cringe Flipaclip animation)

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this is not hate towards bendy at all.
I want to answer some questions:

why couldn't bendy win?
Bendy is not a god, he will not always win all the battles, if you have already seen how he fights with the projectionist, in his ink form he fights like a normal human and in his beast form he only attacks savagely and ends up stunning himself with the walls, and the fact that it is mentioned in the game that only the end tape can destroy him, does not mean that he is immune to everything, Cartoon cat (regardless of whether he is immortal or not), Trevor said hes something cosmic filterd through old media, he is way faster than bendy, and according to Trevor his abilities are limitless so about his ability to sizeshifting, he can become as big or Small as he wants, that's why CC wins, but remember that Bendy revived in the ink machine for being immortal, so stop telling me that Bendy cannot die because I already know that

Why couldn't CC just destroyed the ink machine?
because he doesn't know where the machine is

the corpse that was dragged was henry?
sorry if my english is broken as hell

music used:
In Light Of Darkness
the white chamber OST - Terror [Corridor Sequence]
"The Spear and Shield Match" - My Hero Academia Season 4 OST
CC theme song (Betty Boop and Grampy intro song)
Sing You Sinners - Paramount Rhythm Boys (1930)
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