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Audemars Piguet’s Future? (Royal Oak, Code 11.59, & Remaster Review)

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Christian discusses the shift at Audemars Piguet, as demonstrated by their newest two releases, the Code and Re[Master] 01.

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Today, Christian covers the shifting personalities and identity of Audemars Piguet!

Recently, AP released a new model (and, likely, a new model line) called the [Re]master01. This is wildly new for the brand, since we're most used to seeing them release exclusively Royal Oaks. Of course, this model does have some differences from the piece that inspired it. For starters, it's executed with a three tone configuration here instead of the original's two tones. It's also powered by, interestingly enough, a modified version of the same movement found in the CODE This movement, of course, contributes to some massive proportion changes, including a new 40mm diameter, and a massive, 14+ mm thickness.

For that reason, the term "Remaster" might be a tiny bit overzealous, but it does open some interesting doors going forward. But now let's think about the Royal Oak, and how for a very long time, that was all AP had going for it. People loved the Millenary line, but it was never the brand's bread and butter. So they released the CODE , and now with this new model, you have two collections that sit beside the Royal Oak in the brand's upper echelon. We are, believe it or not, seeing the future of this brand.
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