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AQW- /ZORBASPALACE All Boss Drops And New Merge Items + Item Showcase

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In this video I go over the new map /Join Zorbaspalace, I go over all the new items in the merge shop and all boss drops from Zorba the Bakk The house item also allows you to enter another map called Zorba's pit at /join zorbaspit, there are some mediocre boss drops here from zorblatt so I wouldn't really recommend farming.

"Zorba the Bakk Boss Drops" drops a total of 5 Seasonal Items "Moglin in Zorbonite (L)" "Moglin in Zorbonite (R)" "ZB8" "ZB8 in da House" "Zorba The Bakk (Pet)" "Furry Egg". From the "ZB8 in da House" Click on it to /join Zorbaspit to fight "Zorblatt BOSS Drops" "Galactic Shadow Trooper Guard (L)" "Galactic Shadow Trooper Guard (R)" "Moon Base" (FREE AC-TAGGED HOUSE) "Zorblatt Attack (F)" "Zorblatt Attack (M)" Next we check out the Merge Shop which is "Mawa's Stand" There's a total of 12 SEASONAL Items which includes: "StarCrasher Lightblade" "StarCrasher Lightblades" "Galactic Shadow Trooper" "StarCrasher" "Galactic Shadow Trooper Helm" "StarCrasher Helm" "StarCrasher Helm + Scarf" "StarCrasher Hood" "StarCrasher Backblades" "Twicket" "Twig Fortuna" "Twill-ek". You'll need "Furry Egg" "Woopee" For the merge items.

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Aqw Design notes of the current event:

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Zorbas Palace( Map)

Galactic Shadow Trooper:


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