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AP Code 11.59 Review; I'm starting to lose confidence in AP's design capabilites | Hafiz J Mehmood

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Thank you for watching and support to my channel, my work, and my love for horology.

I spend a lot of time in producing these videos before you see them here, and the effort that goes in making these vids is a combination of knowledge, analysis, close inspection, assessment of watch on the wrist from both wearer's perspective and third person's view, accuracy checks, and above all, my passion and love for horology and fine watchmaking.

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All comments in this videos are mine and driven from my real-life and hands-on experience, macro inspection, Visual assessment, wear and feel of watch in the hand and on the wrist.

Please reach out to me for any enquiries or collaborations at jawadmehmood@

If you want to discuss any watches I have reviewed, please join my Patreon to message me directly. Due to volume of emails I receive, I am unfortunately not able to respond to emails related to watch discussions, my advice, suggestion or insights to watch collection questions. Thank you.

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