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Animals Found Frozen In Ice

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Winter has arrived to one part or another of the world. If it’s not freezing in the northern countries, its freezing in the southern ones. There’s Snow and Ice on every street, blizzards every 10 seconds and animals that wander the freezing wastes that don’t fear blizzards or people. It’s better just to stay inside and watch online videos, like this one. Nature can be and very often is terrifying, really really terrifying and if watching wildlife documentaries has taught us anything it’s that nature always gets what it wants, even if its you, frozen. BUT! If you absolutely have to go outside for any reason and if you’re the kind of person that takes advice from strangers on the internet, take this sage’s advice: Don’t stay out for long, you could become a popsicle. Don’t believe me? Think you’re a survivalist? So did these poor souls, frozen animals found in unbelievable places.

A Fishy Situation

According to those present at the fishy-wall, the reason that such a strange act of nature occurred was because of the relationship between the sun, the ice and the water that the fish were occupying. As the thick snow and ice layered themselves over the water’s surface, the heat and light of the sun would dim, eventually blocking out completely, dropping the temperature and oxygen from the water. This would result in the fish Asphyxiating and floating to top of the water before freezing and the weird arty display of suffocated fish came after

The Cave-Lion
The remains of this Cave Lion were found frozen solid in Siberia in 2017 and its discovery, like most discoveries has kindled the flames of discourse. This discourse this time revolves around whether it’s possible to clone this long dead cat, some believe it’s possible thanks to research done of mice, but that mouse was frozen for less than 2 decades, this cat has been frozen for much, much longer.

Alligator On The Rocks

Real Dragons?
It’s a Dragon, the answer’s a Dragon; not a real one though, unfortunately. Yes, this Dragon is a prop, a terrifying prop. The photo of the “Frozen Dragon” comes from the set of ‘The Last Dragon: A Fantasy Made Real” a mediocre science-fantasy movie from the early 2000s.

Frozen Foxxy
This fox, found in Danube Germany, apparently tried to cross the waters 4 days prior to being made into an icy surprise for those that were nearby the southern German river. The fox wasn’t cut out and laid to rest, nor was it cooked up and made into a meal for the survivalist types, instead it was made into an attraction outside of the Fridingen Hotel.

The Minnesota Iceman

The Russian Mammoth
2013. This is a woolly mammoth that is said to have been discovered completely preserved in ice. Although nothing new, as mammoths have been found before, this ancient elephant, Russian scientists claim, still has muscle tissue and fully flowing blood, perfectly preserved. This discovery will help scientists understand more about mammoths as well as in the future potentially using the blood to help bring one to life using cloning. Sounds exciting.

The Unlucky Fox
strange as this event might sound to those in the warmer climates, this is not the first time that an animal has been ice-cubed in the Scandinavian countries, it’s quite a common thing apparently. On top of just foxes, locals have found fish frozen in place as well as a moose trapped within ice because of the less than pleasant temperatures that the regions can produce.

Frozen In Time, And Ice
this ice aquarium located in Kesennuma, northeastern Japan, took the idea of preservation and education slightly too far. Hosting over 450 specimens of marine life within super large blocks of thick ice, these creatures which include crabs, fish and even octopuses, are all preserved within realistic lifelike positions. It’s just like being in the ocean with them. For those wondering how this was actually pulled-off, the Ice Aquarium uses what’s called flash-freezing technology.

1 The Wolf Amongst Ice
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