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AMD Zen 3 Market Share, Intel Margins, RDNA 2 Cache Efficiency | Server Engineer | Broken Silicon 73

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Can AMD hit 50% server market share? How threatened are Intel’s margins? How big of a deal is Infinity Cache for Big Navi’s efficiency? All of this and much more is discussed with a returning fan favorite!

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0:00 Intro - Who is our anonymous guest?
3:11 Intel Security Issues in 2019 – the real cause of 14nm capacity problems…
9:51 Is AMD worth switching to from Intel yet in the server market?
14:56 Does Zen 3 change the competitive landscape?
18:46 How much of the server market can AMD take in the next 5 years?
29:28 As a company - how competitive is AMD with Intel going into 2021?
32:11 Intel’s has Margin & Security Problems in 2021
40:56 Professional AMD Graphics Card Competitiveness with Nvidia
48:50 Why aren’t components better protected from Over the Air Hacking?
52:30 What upcoming generation is most exciting? Zen 4? Sapphire Rapids? Mega APUs?!
1:00:49 AMD buying Xilinx, Nvidia buying ARM
1:08:44 RISC-V
1:14:02 Intel 7nm prospects, and how Intel actually failed their customers…
1:23:20 Docker & Hardware Independent Software
1:24:44 EPYC Cache Efficiency, and what it could mean for RDNA 2 & Big Navi…
1:29:00 Is the R9 3950X an ok substitute for low core-count EPYC?

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