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hi I'm alive again, idk how often I'll be posting but here's an experimental thing I did. nothing extravagant just a bunch of crap thrown together really while I try to figure out proper animation/editing lol

also sorry my bad internet messed up the quality on some bits while it was uploading :pensive: but I think it fits the aesthetic so it's fine


(tl;dr idk how often I'll be posting but I'll be posting both shitpost stuff like I used to and experimental things like this from now on)

OK first off, sorry for being dead for so long lmao. To sum things up the past year and the year before was kinda awful, but things are looking up so hopefully I'll be able to finally dedicate more time to animation again. I've also become EXTREMELY passionate about art and animation recently, like you can probably see the style difference, and me focusing on improving kinda held me back from animating for a bit because I was being such a perfectionist about everything and forgot I'm still a baby when it comes to animation lol.

I will still be doing goofy shitposts and crap like I used to, but expect more experimental stuff too and less uwu stuff. Idk how often I'm gonna be posting but I am starting to get more into animation again so more than likely I'll have some cool stuff out pretty often. I do really appreciate those of you who stuck around for so long excited for when I'd get back into animation though, it really does mean a lot to me c:

. . . . .

Chris (blue scared skunk man)
Nick (bat wolf fuck)
Ash (tiny skunk brown)
Val (ghost boo aaaaa)
Phoebe (pink-haired egirl dog)

. . . . .

My bf Kiefer (HallowHund) helped me with some of the sketching and coloring on this, go support him he's great:

Song -
Aftermath by Caravan Palace

Original meme - Alkifeather
idk I never saw it and I don't think its posted anymore

Thank you to my patrons!!
Saber ($10)
SuperKittyGamer ($10)
Sunny Higgledy ($10)
DJ ($5)
Tyler Muñoz ($1)

. . . . .








I'M NOT ON AMINO. I have a mostly inactive account with really old art on furry amino, but that's it!

. . . . .

You're allowed to trace/heavily reference my art and animations for non-profit (not monetized) fun and learning purposes!! Just credit me!
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