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10 Places That Are Frozen In Time

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10 Places That Are Frozen In Time

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If you’re a fan of time-travelling, this might be the time to get ready and embark on a journey to the past. At least everyone understands how messed up our present world is. Perhaps travelling to one of those places that have refused to accept all the complexity of modernization will help you breathe better. But do you have a list already? If so, you can always update the list. And if not, in this video, we are going to provide you a comprehensive list of 10 places that are frozen in time. So without any further ado, let’s begin the countdown at once.
10. Salton Riviera, California
Salton Riviera is a tragic proof of what harm humans can do to nature. Sprawling at the shore of a lake, Salton Riviera was formerly an island until flood poured lots of water from the sea into the Colorado River and broke the embankment. This led to creation of the Salton Riviera in a place that was supposed to be a desert.
As expected of humans, developers soon pitched at the place to nurture it to the habitable level and many people around the state flooded the location. However, the water gets saltier each day. And there was a high rate of pesticide usage on the water. Soon the fishes started dying and the stench coming from the water became unbearable to the people, so they left. The place became abandoned. Now it still lives in the ‘60’s as it was left. You may want to pay a visit to the post apocalyptic site someday.

9. Two Guns, Arizona
Like other places, Two Guns, formerly known as Canyon Lodge, suffered the blow of human cruelty. The woes that were later extended to the town started in the 1920's when some travelers suddenly got attracted to Route 66. There was a place where the travelers bought necessary items. It was called Canyon Lodge, and owned by Earle and Louise Cundiff.
When Harry Miller, who was also known as “Two Guns” got to the place, he envisioned the potential of the place to enrich him. He paid for a ten year lease. He soon found a canyon which as a battle site was evident of the clash between the Apache men and the Narvajos. Nearby the site, a cave houses the skulls of many of the fighters. It was called Apache Death Cave. But Harry Miller started selling the skulls to tourists and renamed the cave the "Mystery Cave."
Soon, argument ensued between Miller and Cundiff, which led to Miller shooting Cundiff dead. Thereafter, Miller got attacked by lions and a monster. May be a comeuppance though. Louise Cundiff sued Miller who wanted to own the land. He left the place and a mysterious inferno ate up the whole town, so it was abandoned since then in ruins.

8. Coco Palms, Hawaii
Have you seen the Blue Hawaii classic movie? Coco Palms was the location for the movie. After the movie was shot there, Coco Palms became a magnet to many couples for their honeymoons.
For decades, Coco Palms was the shiniest star in the firmament of a couple's preference for vacations and honeymoon. But this glory did not last forever as the star was engulfed in clouds of a natural disaster in 1992. That year, Hurricane Iniki dealt a knockout blow on paradise and everything became a mess. It became a victim and hit the bottom.
Yes, it was insured, but many insurance companies suffered bankruptcy then, so they couldn’t finance the huge bill required for raising Coco Palms from the dead. Worse of it all, burglars and thieves, came and stole much of the property.
As a result of these tragic experiences, Coco Palms remains what it was like in 1992, frozen in time.

7. The Cinema at the End of the World
If you haven’t been to the Greek amphitheater, here is another cinema brimming with wonders. Seated in the middle of desert Sinai, Diynn Easel, a French film buff, built the cinema in the early ‘90s. Easel convinced investors to buy many of the needed materials, including projectors and seats that could sit up to 700 attendees.
But the dream soon gathered dust as no one seemed interested in watching a movie in the middle of the desert. Or perhaps there were other reasons the seats never felt oppressed. Now the cinema is more like a ruin from the BCs as many of the items that used to be there had been stolen. If you visit the place today, it’s no less different from what it was in the 90’s, hardly any different from travelling back in time. So if you want to feel how the past used to be, you can keep company with this lonely cinema for a while.
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